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    Position: Upright

    History Over the years, the Admiral has continued to sink. When first discovered her stern was well above the bottom of the lake. Today, the stern is almost entirely silted over. Early divers found evidence of the towline being fowled in the prop. The position of the wreck indicates she Read more [...]



    Position: upright, bow south

    “ History She was towing a large log raft in company with the tug RELIANCE, and was running for shelter at Thunder Bay when she foundered. RELIANCE took the crew off the sinking vessel in a very risky rescue. She lies in about 225 feet of water. Owned out of Read more [...]



    History Not Mush is known about This Shipwreck, it was Burned in harbor, at the “Ways,” Hepburn Shipyard. It was a steeple compound engine, 1 boiler, single shaft, Location The Shipwreck Is located at the Bay of Quinte in Picton, Ont.


    A.E. Vickery

    Position: Side

    History The A.E. Vickery was a wooden three masted schooner built in 1861 and launched in July of the same year. She saild under the name of “J.B. Penfield” at Three Mile Bay, New york. She was renamed to A.E. Vickery in February 25th, 1884.The ship struck a rock while Read more [...]


    A.P. Nichols

    History The A.P. Nichols was sailing from Chicago when she encountered a gale on October 28, 1892.She was on route for Escanaba, Michigan, light. While trying to find shelter near Plum Island, She dropped her anchor, but drifted toward Pilot Island. Stranded on a reef near the island and almost Read more [...]


    22 Fathom

    History Discovered in the 1960’s, this site was nicknamed T-8 because she was the eighth of some sixteen targets identified by a sidescan sweep of the area. Location She sits on the bottom with a severe list and many trawl nets and net floats pose potential hazards to divers. Just Read more [...]

  • 17 Fathom

    History The 17 Fathom is one of the most important shipwreck of the Port Dover area. She was a small schooner which had apparently her superstructure destroyed by a fire. Technical Information The hull is still intact and is interesting for curious divers. The windlass near the bow deserve a Read more [...]

  • Chrysler Park Wreck

    Position: n/a

    History This shipwreck is believed to be the Chippewa. The ship is fairly small (65 ft long) and is not an attractive dive site. Location Drive northeast from Morrisburg, Ontario and find the Chrysler Memorial Park on the shore of the St. Lawrence River. The wreck rests between the shore Read more [...]

  • Eastcliffe Hall

    Position: Upright

    History The Eastcliffe Hall was a steel freighter of 3 335 tons. She was carrying “pig iron” and met her destiny when she struck a shoal near Chrysler Shoal at 4h00AM. She sank in a few minutes and claimed 9 lives out of the 21 persons aboard. She rests in Read more [...]


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