Are You A Good Diver? How do you know?

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    Claire Cole Claire Cole 

      Many people go around under the impression that they are good divers, with the knowledge and the skills to prove it.

      But how do they really know? How do you know?

      What factors do you see in others and/or yourself that defines “the good diver”? How do you develop the ones that you need?

      William S. Riley William S. Riley 

        To me, the most essential “gold standard” for being a good diver is that those I dive with still want to dive with me and haven’t voted me off the boat. It’s more than total dives and skills; it’s also attitude and consideration. Do you help other divers willingly? Do you look out for your fellow divers? Are you a mentor for new divers or do you look down on them because they are new and don’t know everything?

        I’ve been on boats with divers who are far more competent than me who are not “good” divers as their way is the only way of diving. To me, it doesn’t matter what gear you use or how advanced you are; it matters that you can dive your gear and safely dive within your skill level – and more importantly, your buddies skill level. Also, good divers can be approached comfortably and honestly about their diving.

         Eric Wood 

          I think both technically sound and ethically good are important, but if I had to be better in one area over another, it would be ethically good. No matter how good you are technical if you don’t care about the environment you are in then who is going to make sure it is still there for future generations to enjoy? That said, if your technical skills are so poor you are touching things and bumping into things, you need to work on technical skills. Additionally, if you don’t handle emergency situations well, getting injured isn’t a good thing.

          To me, being a good diver means giving back to the community. Whenever I joined a dive club, I feel I have a moral obligation to help junior divers improve their technical skills and talk to them about taking care of the environment.

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