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The purpose of The Dive Site Network is to provide information to divers of any level regardless of their years of experience. The main key is to share information among other people who enjoy scuba diving and to provide them information on how to get to the place, what to expect when in the water and any other valuable information. Providing this information will help scuba divers plan their dives safely and enjoy their experience.

In this perspective, The Dive Site Network welcome any information from anyone interested in sharing their diving experience. Your contribution can be as little as updating an outdated information on a dive site to put up a whole new web-page online. Sharing is the key !!!

Any new dive site added to our database will require a minimal number of information such as how to get there, the lake or river name, a general description of the site, the depth / visibility / current, pictures or illustration, and any other pertinent information related to the site. To ensure the quality of the information provided to us, it is mandatory to identify yourself clearly with your name, your complete address, your phone number and your email address. This information will be kept confidential and will not appear anywhere nor be used for any other reason. The sole purpose of this measure is to ensure the seriousness of the contributor and give the opportunity to The Dive Site Network to ask more questions about the new dive site.

Remember that The Dive Site Network is our database of interesting dive sites in our area. More feedback The Dive Site Network receives, more dive sites will be displayed in these pages for the benefit of all of us.


History/Time line

1999 The dive site Network was created in by Benoit Bissonnette.

2002 Pierre Mccarragher became the webmaster.

2002 1st version of the site under phpnuke (Dynamic website)

2008 Change over to the joomla CMS system

2014 New look and feel of the website

2016 New look and feel of the website - working on a Community logbook for logging Users dives



About Me

My Name is Pierre Mccarragher and i have been diving for more that 15 years in and around the St-Laurence River and lake Ontario. I have an advance dive certification. I Dive in a Dry suit from day 1 because its cold up here. My day job is as an integration specialist for HL7 interface. I have work for IBM and am now and for the past 17 years working for Logibec.

My Favorite place to dive is on the Keystorm in the 1000 islands.

In 2012 i suffers a car accident wile traveling abroad and i am still in recovery. I am hoping to be able to dive in the 2015 summer season after some scuba disability retraining and a specialization on side mounting.



I would like to take the time to mention my gratitude to these people who devoted a great deal of time to prepare their own website. When came the time for me to prepare The Dive Site Network website, I visited their website many times to extract this valuable information I needed. Without their help this website would not exist. You can reach them by clicking these links below. Thanks again guys !!!

I would also like to mention that many of the technical details as well as the historical facts shown in my descriptions are taken out from an enormous database created by Mr. David D. Swayze, Lake Isabella, MI. The Great Lakes Shipwreck File