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28 November 2014
Scuba Claus visits the Vancouver AquariumThe ProvinceChildren were delighted to see Scuba Claus spend time in the water tank at the Vancouver Aquarium. E-mail this Video Link; Share this Video. This W...
02 February 2015
Daily MailCaptivated by the Caymans: Splendid scuba diving and steering clear of the ...Daily MailThe Queen's portrait is on display at the airport - but it feels like arriving in Florida, with jo...
10 August 2015
WWAY NewsChannel 34 trucks, scuba divers needed to tow drowning truckWWAY NewsChannel 3Hooked Up Towing Company Owner Mark Gabriel said the truck was left in reverse and the current pulled it into the...
11 January 2015
MiamiHerald.comFlorida scuba divers capture non-native surgeonfishEnquirerheraldWEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — After spotting a surgeonfish off the coast of South Florida, two scuba divers caught the invasiv...
31 December 1969
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